Utility Industry Credit Union Partners with MRWA

Michigan Rural Water’s staff and members will now have free access to UECU’s financial services

Utilities Employees Credit Union (UECU) has partnered with Michigan Rural Water Association (MRWA), a state-based professional organization affiliated with the National Rural Water Association. MRWA, which is headquartered in Harrison, Mich., will now offer UECU’s financial benefits to its members, who are employed by 598 water companies and wastewater facilities across Michigan.

UECU offers utility, energy and related-industry companies a free voluntary benefit they can extend to employees and their family members, to promote financial wellness, reduce employer health care costs and enhance worker productivity.

Like many organizations in the utility and energy services sector, MRWA’s professionals are dispersed among many rural locations to address their mission of maintaining safe, clean water in local communities, making MRWA’s partnership with virtual credit union UECU a logical strategy to serve the financial needs of its widely distributed members. MRWA employs nine staff members who operate the organization and provide professional and educational member benefits to hundreds of water employees and wastewater employees who belong to the organization. MRWA members represent a variety of utility industry segments, including water utilities, wastewater treatment systems, environmental engineering and testing and hydrological equipment and power systems.

“UECU is eager to work with MRWA to help their members achieve their financial goals,” says Jane Kennedy, business development manager for UECU. “Our mission is both to improve the financial well-being of utility employees and to enhance the personal and professional development opportunities an organization can provide to its members and their families. It’s a win-win and the best part is we offer this service at no cost to our sponsor companies and organizations.”

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