Apr 20, 2001

USFilter Launches Team to Help Industries Reuse/Recycle Water

USFilter has formed a technical team to work with hydrocarbon processing industrial clients who want to recycle and reuse treated wastewater.

The team includes individuals with experience in analysis of wastewater for reuse, evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of reuse, and design and installation of reuse systems in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

"Increasingly our industrial clients worldwide are seeking ways to reduce the overall costs of water and water treatment, limit their environmental liability, and assure a reliable supply of water," said John Mendenhall, USFilter’s business manager for the hydrocarbon processing recycle/reuse team.

"We’ve brought all of the expertise within USFilter together as a single group to concentrate on recycle/reuse solutions for specific customers in the hydrocarbon processing industry."

USFilter is the largest supplier of water and wastewater equipment, systems, and services in North America. Its technology base includes a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes, and it has designed, installed, and operated recycle-reuse systems for industrial clients worldwide.

"Because of the performance demands and technical complexities of these systems, and because no two industrial wastewaters are the same, reuse projects must follow a proven methodology if they are to be successful," says Mendenhall. "This methodology includes wastewater characterization, treatability and feasibility studies, pilot testing, design, installation, and startup.

"USFilter provides a single source for a client to perform all these steps, ensuring a compatible system, and a well engineered interface between the various unit processes."