Aug 03, 2006

USFilter Integrated into Siemens Water Technologies

The process of integrating USFilter into the Water Technologies division of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) has been completed, and USFilter is now officially known in the marketplace as Siemens Water Technologies. The change reflects the complete integration of USFilter into the Siemens organization – completing a transition period that began when Siemens purchased USFilter just over two years ago.
The new I&S division Water Technologies, headquartered in Warrendale/Pennsylvania, is the world’s leading supplier of water treatment and purification systems for drinking water, wastewater and process water with a broad portfolio of products and services that is unique among the competition. The company has a strong position and growth record in North America, and is moving aggressively into Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.
“The name change marks a new and exciting era for our company,” said Dr. Roger Radke, president and CEO of Siemens Water Technologies. “Not only are we fully integrated, but we have successfully re-organized our business segments around customer needs and have successfully launched our water treatment business worldwide through the Siemens global network of sales and regional offices.”
“At the same time,” he added, “the people, products, services and level of customer support our customers have come to expect from USFilter have not changed. We remain committed to helping our industrial and municipal customers solve problems regarding water treatment and reuse.”
The identities of the former USFilter product families and names have also been retained. These include such widely known names as Envirex, Memcor, Zimpro, Wallace & Tiernan, OSEC, Orbal and J-Press. “These valued product names have high marketplace recognition,” Radke said, “and many go back nearly 100 years.”
Radke said the integration of USFilter into Siemens has gone very well, with his company targeting double-digit growth year over year. He said international sales have increased by some 20% since USFilter became part of Siemens, and that the company continues to grow through acquisition and development of new technologies and service groups. Acquisitions include Monosep, Sernagiotto, and the odor control and disinfection lines of Altivia. Recent product introductions include the Cannibal sludge reduction process, municipal water services and a new line of integrated membrane bio-reactors.