USFilter Develops New Mid-Tier Polymer Feed System for Two-meter Belt Press

USFilter Stranco Products recently introduced the PolyBlend M1200 Series liquid polymer feed system to meet polymer solution requirements for a two-meter belt filter press application.
The polymer system can be used for drinking water or wastewater, and municipal or industrial applications.
The system handles 60-1200 gallons per hour (gph) dilution water flow rate, and can be paired with a variety of polymer pumps, including electronic diaphragm, gear, and progressive cavity. Compatible with almost any manufacturer's 2m belt filter presses, the M1200 Series polymer system is also offered with unique controls, including the new polymer dosage controller option.
According to USFilter application engineer, Troy Litherland, USFilter Stranco Products developed the polymer feed system to meet an industry need. "Our M600 Series system did not have the required capacity for a typical municipal 2m belt filter press application, and the M2400 Series was oversized. The M1200 Series is just right for this application."
When a polymer feed system is undersized, the polymer system becomes the limiting factor in solids handling applications. The hydraulic and solids loadings to the thickening or dewatering device have to be reduced, based on limited polymer flow rate. Oversized polymer feed systems consume more electricity and may not have enough turndown capacity to meet application requirements.
USFilter will display the new M1200 Series liquid polymer feed system at Booth #1523, at this year's AWWA annual conference in San Francisco, June 12 -16, 2005.


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