Use Water for Irrigation Only When Needed with a New Moisture Sensor

Rain Bird Corporation?s Accessories Division has introduced the new Moisture Sensor (MS-100) that measures soil moisture levels and automatically supersedes scheduled watering cycles when a sufficient level of moisture is detected. The new sensor, compatible with nearly every irrigation controller on the market, is a reliable monitoring device that dramatically improves the efficiency of any irrigation system and conserves water by reducing the number of watering cycles needed to maintain a beautifullandscape.

Rain Bird's Moisture Sensor detects moisture levels using two highly sensitive carbon rod probes that are fully resistant to any type of decay or corrosion. Properly installed, the probes rest in a horizontal position at the driest point of the irrigation system, approximately 1 inch below the surface. When the probes detect soil saturation caused by rainfall or irrigation the MS-100 will automatically bypass watering cycles until the moisture level drops below a user-adjustable setting. At that time watering cycles resume.

"The use of sensitive carbon rod probes makes the MS-100 more reliable than any other type of sensor on the residential market," said Alicia Rodriguez, product manager for Rain Bird. "The MS-100 is designed primarily for turf use, but similar products are currently being engineered for use in the agricultural and golf markets as well."

Rain Bird Corp.

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