Jun 01, 2007

USAID Inaugurates Water, Sanitation Facilities in South India

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) India Mission Director George Deikun recently inaugurated an elevated water storage tank and sanitation facilities at Arokyapuram temporary settlement in Tamil Nadu for people displaced during the 2004 tsunami. USAID and Catholic Relief Services are jointly supporting these facilities to ensure that the communities have access to basic water and sanitation services.

Speaking on the occasion, Deikun said, “USAID has worked in Tamil Nadu and Kerala with a network of local NGO partners and in close cooperation with local government officials and communities to address the needs of those affected by the 2004 Tsunami. Today we are here to mark the opening of the overhead water tank and community sanitation system in Arokyapuram. We believe that these improvements will better the quality of life of people living in this community.”

Earlier on March 28, Deikun inaugurated a water purification plant at Simon Colony in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. He also visited the local temporary shelters constructed for the Tsunami victims. Deikun visited a number of other projects in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and interacted with community and panchayat leaders, including local disaster preparedness teams.