Upgrades Planned for HMI Systems at Boston-Area Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project is part of $3.8 billion program to protect Boston Harbor from pollution

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has selected Emerson Process Management to replace outdated human machine interface (HMI) systems at the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant with its Ovation technology.

The new interface will make it easier for operators to effectively control daily operation and help ensure regulatory compliance.
The Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, in operation since 1995, is the second-largest wastewater treatment plant in the U.S. It serves 43 Boston-area communities and is the centerpiece of MWRA’s $3.8 billion program to protect Boston Harbor against pollution from the metropolitan area’s sewer systems. 
“We are challenged to protect human health and Boston Harbor and comply with strict federal Clean Water Act and Massachusetts environmental regulations,” explains David Duest, process control manager, MWRA. “Emerson’s Ovation HMI technology will help us achieve this.”
When installed in March 2012, the Ovation solution will manage and integrate the plant’s legacy systems and numerous processes, including influent pumping, grit screening, primary clarification, oxygen-activated sludge secondary treatment, secondary treatment clarification, sludge digestion, sludge thickening, odor control, disinfection and effluent discharge. 
In addition to supplying 45 workstations, Emerson will provide onsite operator training, as well as system configuration and programming training at its Pittsburgh training facility. 
Emerson Process Management

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