Oct 11, 2007

Upcoming Climate Change Seminar Will Teach About Global Warming

Titled "Climate Change and Water Utilities: Planning for the
Future", the seminar will bring together water managers, engineers,
consultants and others. Hosted by Bob Raucher, PhD., and Joel B. Smith
of Stratus Consulting, the seminar will include case studies, tabletop
exercises and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to learn from
colleagues and explore joint solutions. The seminar also includes a bus
tour of impacted areas and restoration efforts of New Orleans

Stratus Consulting offers clients expert technical knowledge and
practical experience in environment and energy research. Raucher,
founder and senior partner, has been actively involved in the water
supply and wastewater community for over 25 years. Smith has been
analyzing climate change impacts and adaptation issues for 20 years,
serving previously as the deputy director of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency's Climate Change Division.