Aug 01, 2012

Spring Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfects with UV Technology

Phase 4 scheduled for completion in summer 2014

The Spring Creek Wastewater Treatment plant in Springfield, Ill., recently completed a phase of a new sewage treatment project, according to The State Journal-Register. In July, sewage from 100,000 of the community’s 150,000 residents began flowing through a new plant located directly across the street from the old plant.

The $90 million plant was constructed on a 25-acre site to meet demands from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In 2005, the EPA notified plant operators that the district’s two plants were in need of an upgrade, as they were processing sewage with more organic material than they were designed to accommodate.

The Ozonia Aquaray 3X UV disinfection system is used in the treatment process and cleans the water better than EPA standards.

Phase 4 of the project is scheduled for completion in summer 2014.