Dec 17, 2014

Delaware County Replaces Open-Channel UV System

The closed-vessel system minimizes operator maintenance & uses cameras to measure performance in real time

New Castle Delaware Neptune Benson ultraviolet uv disinfection

The county of New Castle, Del., has awarded Neptune Benson the contract to upgrade its ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system at its wastewater facility. The upgrade will convert the existing chlorine-based system to a closed-vessel ETS-UV system.

“We were impressed with the advances that have been made in UV technology since we installed our first UV system, (open channel UV), at one of our other facilities,” said Regis Yurcich, director of facilities and maintenance for New Castle County. “The ETS closed-vessel systems are fully enclosed, use automatic wipers to keep the sleeves clean, use fewer lamps and are both safer and simpler to use “