UltraStrip Systems Partners with WaterEye to Monitor Water Systems

UltraStrip Systems, Inc., the Florida-based homeland security technology company, has partnered with WaterEye Corp. to monitor water systems for Homeland Security, military and industrial applications. WaterEye's patented water monitoring systems will be installed on the filtration equipment manufactured through UltraStrip's wholly owned subsidiary, Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. Ecosphere recently signed a Joint Marketing and Supply Agreement with Pierce Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Oshkosh Truck Corp., to jointly manufacture a Tactical Water Filtration Truck.
"This is an innovative solution that can help protect our nation's water supply from both natural disasters and terrorist attacks," said Joe Allbaugh, former FEMA director and UltraStrip board member. "It's a good example of how the private sector can work together to help secure our nation's future."
Tom Wolfe, CEO of WaterEye Corp., said, "Ecosphere Technologies is the right company for us to partner with to bring our unique monitoring equipment to the homeland security and military markets. Our patented and secure systems can be monitored 24/7 through the Internet or a satellite if the Internet is down to alert our water facilities of contamination issues. Ecosphere's equipment is the only high-volume filtration system to be tested and verified by the EPA through their Environmental Technology Verification Program for a terrorist attack."
Mickey Donn, president of Ecosphere, said, "The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 requires community water systems to have an Emergency Response Plan that includes equipment that can lessen the impact of a terrorist attack. Recent reports of contaminated water in Iraq for our troops could have been discovered immediately with the WaterEye monitoring equipment. With the WaterEye technology and our filtration equipment, we believe we will offer the finest detection and remediation solution possible for our fighting forces."
On December 5, 2005, the company signed a Joint Marketing and Supply Agreement with Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. Pierce will assemble the company's mobile filtration units into the Pierce truck chassis and body to produce the Tactical Water Filtration Truck and will market the product through its well-established national sales force and international dealerships. UltraStrip produces its filtration equipment through its subsidiary, Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

UltraStrip Systems, Inc.

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