Nov 03, 2009

UltraPure Systems Announces Blog

“Look for the Drop” aims to create awareness for plastic water bottle reuse and recycling

UltraPure Systems, a provider of water purification and private label bottled water, has announced its blog,

UltraPure Systems is aiming to bond environmental consciousness with portable, pure water solutions, the company said. “Look for the Drop” is a program aimed to create awareness for plastic water bottle reuse and recycling--starting with its own UltraPure bottles. The blog is a venue for sharing ideas, news and is a general online resource, the company said.

UltraPure Systems said polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic water bottles are the most easily recycled durable material, with efficient and sustainable means of portability. The company also said they are sanitary, lightweight and shatter resistant. “Look for the Drop” encourages water drinkers to be conscious of their environmental impact, use and reuse the plastic bottle and then recycle it, according to UltraPure Systems.