Jun 25, 2014

Triton Underdrains Receive NSF-61 Certification for Drinking Water Components

The underdrains are used in a variety of drinking water applications & are also used in reverse osmosis membranes & other fine filtration technologies

Bilfinger Water Technologies Triton underdrains NSF 61 drinking water

Bilfinger Water Technologies announced that its Triton underdrains have received NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (NSF-61) certification for drinking water system components.

“There is a growing trend for all underdrain projects to conform to this standard,” said Jim Lauria, senior vice director of Bilfinger’s Water Treatment Business Unit. “NSF-61 testing is extremely rigorous, ensuring that the underdrains themselves, as well as all seals, gaskets and welding materials do not add contaminants to the drinking water supply. When it comes to specifying equipment for a new project or a retrofit, NSF-61 certification is a great point of reference for engineers, operators and regulators.”

Triton underdrains are used in a variety of drinking water applications, in many cases as the final filtration step in safeguarding human health before water is sent to the distribution system, according to Lauria. In addition, they often protect sensitive downstream systems including reverse osmosis membranes and other fine filtration technologies. They are also used in conjunction with granular activated carbon for the removal of disinfection byproducts, taste and odor in drinking water worldwide.

“We see a lot of installations in retrofit applications to meet Title 22 regulations,” Lauria said. “It’s a great testimony to the quality of this often-unsung piece of water treatment technology—the underdrains that support the filtration media for water going to non-potable water applications like irrigation and industrial cooling systems.”