Trinity Springs Water Rides Wave of Momentum into Hong Kong

Trinity Springs, Inc., bottlers of spring water from America's only Certified Source, announced the availability of its products in Hong Kong. The company has partnered with Serendipity House Distributors to supply TRINITY Natural Mineral Supplement, TRINITY Geothermal Bottled Water and TRINITY Kids to the Asian market, as the demand for high quality bottled water amongst international consumers continues to grow.
This is the second international market expansion for Trinity Springs; the company announced distribution in Canada this past summer. Its bottled water products will be available at select retail outlets in Hong Kong, such as City Super, one of Hong Kong's largest natural food chains, and Grates, a high-end supermarket chain. The products will also be available at natural health and beauty spas, such as Le Spa de Beauty & Soul, where it will be used for drinking and in various facial treatments because of its high silica content.
"More Americans are actively seeking out high quality bottled water and organic food options for their everyday life, and that healthy attitude is quickly growing overseas as well," said Andy Mitchell, president of Trinity Springs. "We are excited to make our exceptionally pure and naturally pristine water available in Hong Kong and look forward to expanding into more international markets in the future."
Trinity Springs bottles its water directly at the only source in the United States to receive the seal of natural purity, Certified Source, from the leading global organic certifier, Quality Assurance International (QAI). This seal assures consumers that the water is bottled directly at a naturally pure source and receives little to no processing - according to stringent European standards for bottled water.
"Hong Kong has a population of over six million people and their growing number of bottled water consumers are demanding a more premium and pure product, so Trinity Springs is a perfect fit," said Gordon Chiu, president of GordonYourself Consulting and Strategy Consultant at Serendipity House Ltd. "We initially delivered a trial run of the water to select natural food chains, and the product sold at an amazing rate. The consumers didn't know such purity and quality could exist naturally and when given a choice, they are choosing Trinity Springs."

Trinity Springs, Inc.

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