WWEMA Prioritizes Issues for the New Administration

Transition paper highlights importance for manufacturing

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The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (WWEMA) has released a transition paper articulating its position and priorities for the new administration: Building a Strong Manufacturing Base for Economic Growth and Public Health and Environmental Protection.

WWEMA member companies employ thousands of working men and women in the U.S. dedicated to innovation and creating technologies that make drinking water safe and protect our lakes, rivers, bays and underground aquifers from contamination. Our members contribute billions of dollars in economic revenue to the U.S. annually.

During the election, President-Elect Trump articulated a vision to “Make American Great Again.” Critical to that vision is supporting, promoting, and creating an environment that allows American industry and manufacturing to grow and prosper.

“WWEMA supports this vision and has identified six priority areas with recommendations. These areas cover sustainable infrastructure financing mechanisms, fair trade and elimination of trade barriers, use of value-based procurement practices, development of scientifically-based enforceable regulations, funding for technology innovation and investment in the workforce of the future,” said WWEMA Executive Director Vanessa M. Leiby. 

Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Assn.

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