Mar 06, 2018

New Application to Track Water Quality Via Blockchain Technology

Aquagenuity will provide a water forecast for users

New app Aquagenuity will track water quality via blockchain technology

The new application Aquagenuity will go live this spring and will provide users with hyperlocal water data from sources such as the U.S. EPA, NASA, public utilities, municipalities and research institutions. The aggregate of this data will provide the user with a “water forecast”, akin to a weather forecast.

The platform, which is based on blockchain technology (the same technology utilized for cryptocurrency), will be partially free, including a prompt for the user to enter their zip code, subsequently searching for any potential water contaminants in their area following a search of a heat map.

However, if the user wishes for more in depth information, they may elect for the paid upgrade, which affords them access to explanations of what the contaminants that the free search find mean for you, individually. This portion of the platform is based on artificial intelligence technology.

“People can’t make better decisions until they get better information,” said Doll Avant, creator of Aquagenuity. “The app’s health recommendations help you know what to do if you or your children have been exposed to certain contaminants.”

Avant intends to go beyond uses for only citizens, as she is building portions of the platform to serve both business-to-business functions and municipalities. For the B2B aspect, corporations can pay to gain access to the same information as individual users, granting them actionable insight into water quality in their specific areas. Municipalities can use the technology to execute smart contracts for water payments.

The platform has been self-funded to this point, but Avant is now seeking an additional $1.5 million in seed funding for the application launch to follow this spring.