Jan 24, 2022

TrendMiner Wins 2022 IoT Breakthrough Award in Analytics Innovation Category

Prestigious Annual IoT Breakthrough Awards Program Honors Standout Internet-of-Things Companies and Products

TrendMiner Wins 2022 IoT Breakthrough Award in Analytics Innovation Category

IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market, today announced that TrendMiner, a Software AG company, has been selected as winner of the “IoT Analytics Solution of the Year” award in the 6th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program.

TrendMiner develops and delivers advanced analytics solutions to support digital transformation, optimize production processes, increase plant productivity, and improve equipment effectiveness. The Company serves a variety of industries, including: 

  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Mining & Metals

TrendMiner’s self-service analytics platform features advanced search technology with pattern recognition and machine learning (ML) and connects easily with existing time-series databases (historians) and other operational business applications, such as Maintenance Management systems, LIMS systems and many others. Users can gain insights into production data, find anomalies and their root causes, monitor production performance, and predict problems early. The solution can be deployed on premises, hosted in a customer management cloud environment or offered as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.


With a high-speed search engine, advanced filter options and patented pattern recognition, TrendMiner empowers process experts and engineers to analyze data themselves and gain valuable operational insights quickly. TrendMiner proactively provides recommendations to uncover previously hidden correlations and identify the root causes of process behavior.

“Self-service analytics is now being accepted by the industry as a new and valuable standard way of working, and this is especially true with the onset of the pandemic,” said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “The breakthrough value of TrendMiner is that it delivers one common and shared view on facts and the ability to share a variety of production process knowledge and expertise, which can be distributed among others to enable an organization to make the right decisions–quickly and decisively. Congratulations to the entire TrendMiner team on being our clear choice for ‘IoT Analytics Solution of the Year.’”

The mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is to recognize the innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the globe in a range of IoT categories, including Industrial and Enterprise IoT, Smart City technology, Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car and more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,850 nominations from companies all over the world. 

“We are so grateful for this award from IoT Breakthrough. There’s a growing trend toward having central expert groups supporting local teams in their day-to-day execution. Our typical user is someone with a deep understanding of the production process or assets and access to the data they are generating. They need the combination of their subject matter expertise and the insights that reside in the data to support fact-based decision making for troubleshooting and continuous improvement activities,” said Joan van de Wetering, General Manager, TrendMiner. “The speed of adoption of TrendMiner, and the intelligence in the use of it, is bringing added value to customers in a variety of industries. Users who explore the boundaries inspire us to push even further in the current and future development of the platform.”

By speeding up root cause analysis, users can identify areas for optimization. Direct access to analytics ensures actionable information is available from captured time-series data at all levels of the plant, which allows improvement at all stages of the production process. With 24/7 monitoring, TrendMiner can send notifications to process experts and other relevant stakeholders when patterns deviate from ideal parameters. This allows a plant to take corrective action quickly when an anomaly occurs. The solution also enables process experts to make proactive and prescriptive data-driven decisions.

The interactive and model-free predictive mode detects trends in historical data so that users can forecast in minutes future events during batch runs, transitions, or equipment startups. The solution also enables process engineers to show specific trend monitors on a personal dashboard acting as their own production cockpit. Contextual data from business applications can be integrated to provide a clearer view of operational behavior and improvement opportunities