Aug 14, 2015

Treatment Systems Offer Effluent Quality in a Variety of Designs

Systems can meet a range of project demands

Smith & Loveless offers a complete range of factory-built and packaged wastewater treatment systems, including containerized and field-erected designs, in order to meet strict effluent requirements and other project demands.

Utilizing a variety of aerobic and biological treatment processes, these treatment systems are designed first and foremost to provide superior effluent quality, including the ability to reuse water. These offer a solution for almost any type of application, handling a range of flows from 2,000 gpd to 5 mgd (8 cmd to 19,000 cmd).

For the highest-quality effluent including water reuse abilities, the TITAN MBR packaged treatment system delivers dependable service with minimal operation and maintenance requirements. Fully submerged in the aeration zone, Smith & Loveless flat-plate membranes maintain high permeability and flux rates, experience less wear and tear than hollow-fiber types and can simply be cleaned in place.

Smith & Loveless containerized and mobile system options meet effluent requirements with compact packaged designs, making them an ideal choice for small and rapidly growing municipalities, temporary worksites and other industrial applications. Utilizing membrane (TITAN MBR QUBE) and fixed-film (Mobile FAST) biological processes, these systems offer beneficial ease of shipping and plug-and-play operation.

For high-strength process wastewater or larger flows up to 5 mgd (18,925 cmd), the field-erected Model R OXIGEST provides flexible design options in a space-efficient footprint. Its circular concentric tank can be designed to combine a number of biological treatment processes (including aerobic and anoxic) while offering reduced materials costs, total land usage, construction time and external piping and pumping requirements.

These pre-engineered, factory-built and packaged designs are backed by process guarantees, single-source responsibility and a lifetime of aftermarket support. Smith & Loveless treatment systems are designed in all cases to minimize operational requirements without sacrificing system performance.

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