Mazzei Injector Co., MISCOwater Collaborate

MISCOwater has rights to sell Mazzei systems

MISCOwater can sell Mazzei Injector Co. systems

Mazzei Injector Co. announced that MISCOwater, a manufacturers’ representative firm that provides process and equipment solutions for water and wastewater treatment, now has exclusive rights to sell Mazzei systems to the municipal water and wastewater markets in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

“Mazzei’s exceptional reputation and technology—in addition to the fact that they are continuously analyzing and optimizing their products through the use of multiphase flow modeling—make us thrilled to be adding Mazzei to our business line,” said Mike Tooley, CEO of MISCOwater.

Jim Lauria, vice president of sales and marketing for Mazzei, added: “MISCOwater and Mazzei are a perfect fit—both stress the importance of high quality systems and superior service. We are looking forward to a long and productive partnership.”

Mazzei Injector Co.

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