May 04, 2016

Injection System Delivers Efficient Wastewater Aeration

System requires little energy & no chemicals

The Mazzei AirJection wastewater aeration system provides efficient gas transfer in wastewater ponds. Using Venturi injectors to draw air into a sidestream flow and special nozzles to release the gas/water mixture into the bottom of the pond with a shearing action yields a highly active curtain of bubbles that begins at the very bottom of the lagoon or tank—out of reach of surface aerators—and floats steadily to the surface, oxygenating as it travels.

The AirJection system requires little energy and no chemicals. It works in deep tanks and ponds, reducing wastewater footprint. Maintenance is minimal—the injectors and nozzles have no moving parts, and the on-shore pump is the only mechanical element.

Incorporating a Pipeline Flash Reactor (PFR) with the AirJection system allows plant designers to introduce an aeration step before wastewater is introduced to the pond or to add tertiary treatment with ozone or oxygen prior to wastewater discharge or reuse. The PFR employs Venturi injectors to draw gas into a sidestream flow—2% to 3% of total flow—and thoroughly mix it without the need for moving parts. Special mixing nozzles on each side of a length of pipeline inject the gas/liquid mixture into the main flow, using the physics of flow in the pipeline and nozzles to maximize gas transfer.

Mazzei’s design team analyzes each PFR system or AirJection layout using computational fluid dynamics to ensure optimum sizing and placement of each injector and nozzle.           

Using elegant physics and finely tuned design, secondary wastewater treatment in the food and beverage industry can be transformed from a management nightmare into an efficiently managed resource.

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