Aug 19, 2009

Treatment Provides 60% Reduction in Arsenic for Arizona Community

ADSORBIA GTO media helped reduce arsenic to less than 10 ppb

Several water treatment systems supplied by GEcom, Inc., of Mesa, Ariz., which use ADSORBSIA GTO arsenic removal media from Dow Water & Process Solutions, have helped reduce the arsenic level in the Village of Oak Creek, Ariz., to less than 10 parts per billion (ppb) from the previous 25 ppb. The treatment allows for higher quality drinking water for approximately 8,000 residents of the Village of Oak Creek.

ADSORBSIA media is a high-capacity non-regenerable single-use product, suitable especially for small or mid-sized systems. Eliminating the regeneration step frees operators from the hassles and cost of chemical storage and usage, and from waste stream disposal issues. Because of the media’s exceptional affinity for arsenic, ADSORBSIA media maintains a strong hold on the removed arsenic, promoting easier and safer disposal. The nanocrystalline structure of ADSORBSIA media enables faster kinetics, allowing for smaller diameter vessels and a smaller system footprint.

Big Park Water Co., the principal provider of water utility service for the community of the Village of Oak Creek, decided on the system incorporating ADSORBSIA media after extensive research of products and technologies for the removal of arsenic.

“We couldn’t afford to make mistakes in selecting the best available technology,” said Steve Gudovic, president of Big Park Water Co. “The titanium-based ADSORBSIA media proved to be the most effective and efficient arsenic removal option for us.”

“When choosing the equipment and the technology for arsenic removal, water utilities look for a good return on their investment in terms of performance and economics” said Alan Greenberg, product line manager, Dow Water & Process Solutions. “ADSORBSIA media provides a reliable, cost-advantaged and flexible solution that works equally well in both brand new installations and in previously installed equipment that was designed for other media.”