Dec 30, 2019

Water Desalination Plant in Africa Uses Tesla Batteries & Solar Power

Tesla batteries and solar power aided in the construction of a new water desalination plant in Africa. 

solar energy

GivePower has constructed a new water desalination plant in Africa using Tesla batteries and solar power.

The system, which is now providing clean water to thousands of people, has been deployed in Kiunga, a rural village in Kenya, reported Electrek. Lack of clean water in the village had people relying on saltwater wells and contaminated water.

Kiunga has suffered from droughts for over five years, according to the Good News Network.

GivePower uses off-grid solar with batteries to create what they call solar water farms. In addition to successfully launching the solar water farm, the foundation has also brought renewable energy to over 2,500 schools in 17 countries, benefiting more than 300,000 people.

The system uses solar panels that produce 50 kilowatts of energy, according to the Hearty Soul. The energy is stored by two high-performance Tesla batteries and uses two water pumps that operate 24 hours per day.

The system, which reportedly uses Tesla Powerwalls, is capable of producing about 70,000 liters of drinkable water every day, which is more than enough for the entire village, reported Electrek

GivePower intends to replicate the success of the system for other villages in need of clean water all around the world.

Tesla is participating in a new initiative by an African telecom to install 520 Powerwalls at their sites in order to keep their network online despite frequent power outages. The company has also been helping deploy energy storage and solar in Africa through its participation in an African startup that installs solar storage systems, reported Electrek.

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