Fort Wayne, Ind., UV Disinfection & Reservoir Improvement Project

Dec. 2, 2014

Cost: $19,236,000
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Year: 2013-11-27
Size: 65 mgd
Owner: City of Fort Wayne
Designers: Black & Veatch, Donohue & Associates Inc.
Contractor: Kokosing Construction Co. Inc.

Built in the 1930s, Fort Wayne (Ind.) City Utilities’ reservoirs and pump station were outdated. In January 2012, the city began restoring and repurposing these antiquated facilities for improved drinking water quality.

Contractors installed an ultraviolet (UV) system in the old pump station to allow the city to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, which targets Cryptosporidium removal.

During installation, a sequenced shutdown of the existing 48-in. piping and valves in a congested plant yard occurred so the discharge pipe loop could be relocated to the outside of the building. Additionally, the utility’s four distribution mains were shut down at night.

Meanwhile, the two storage reservoirs, totaling 20 million gal, were structurally reinforced, allowing for more usable volume and at least 80 more years of service life. The reservoirs were baffled to provide serpentine flow and greater water quality. Piping and gates were installed to allow the reservoirs to be taken out of service for inspections and preventive maintenance. The project also included provisions for a future water storage reservoir.

To install the UV units, piping had to be installed from the finished water filters into the UV building and then again into the reservoir. Piping was removed, concrete walls were cored and new piping was installed. Water production was maintained during these carefully planned and sequenced shutdowns. 

“The construction of a project is the culmination of design ideas, talents of the team members, and performance of construction services by a large and diverse team of people,” said Mark Gensic, engineering manager for Fort Wayne City Utilities. “The benefits of teamwork are many, including better communication, reduced overall project costs, increased productivity, fewer claims and improved project team attitude. This project allows our water utility to be well positioned to meet water quality needs now and in the future.” 

Project Year: 2013-11-27Contractor: Kokosing Construction Co. Inc.Designers: Black & Veatch, Donohue & Associates Inc.Owner: City of Fort WayneLocation: Fort Wayne, INCost: $19,236,000Size: 65 mgd