Nov 02, 2006

Tnemec Website Features New Content, Functionality

The first phase in the redesign of the Tnemec Company, Inc. website ( is complete, according to Mark Thomas, director of marketing. “This phase included an entirely new design with individual product pages, more in-depth information, improved search function and project profiles covering the major markets we serve,” Thomas explained. “Future phases will include additional enhancements, including chemical resistance data, an interactive coatings system recommendation tool and individual pages for every Tnemec representative agency.”
The enhanced online content and functionality is based on an evaluation of customer needs conducted by Tnemec in 2005. “Our customers told us that they’re looking for on-demand, 24/7 access to detailed product information and tools,” Thomas said. “They feel that an informative, functional site will complement the value they currently are receiving from their local Tnemec coating consultants.”
Each of the more than 120 architectural and industrial coating products in the Tnemec line, including the StrataShield and Chemprobe brands, will have its own web page with links to supporting documents applicable to its use and application. The site provides simple, intuitive navigation that minimizes clicks to desired content such as company information, range of coating systems for different projects and news about new product introductions.
“We have listened to our customers who have told us to make it easy for them to find the information they need. And we’ve limited the amount of copy that people have to read through,” Thomas said. “We’re also helping our customers to experience our products through photography and descriptions of actual projects covering water and wastewater treatment, water storage tanks, specialty architectural, industrial and process-manufacturing.”
Thomas emphasized that the website is part of the company’s ongoing effort to “go the extra mile” for its customers by addressing their need for information. “Our goal is that every time a visitor returns to our website, there will be new content and features that will keep that person coming back,” he said.
Each page will also provide a “feedback” feature that allows visitors to comment on whether the content was helpful. “We’re looking for feedback from our customers so we can continue to enhance the content and functionality of our Web site,” Thomas added. “We welcome their comments so that we can act on their feedback and make the website more responsive to their needs.”