Nov 01, 2005

Tnemec Offers High-Build Epoxy System for Extreme Wastewater Environments

Tnemec Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance coatings for specialized industrial and architectural markets, announced at WEFTEC.05 the availability of Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S, a modified polymer mortar, and Series 435 Perma-Glaze, a modified polymer hybrid for extreme wastewater environments, according to Vaughn O’Dea, technical sales manager, Water & Wastewater.
Designed for severe corrosion environments, Series 434 is a modified polymer mortar that can be trowel-or spray-applied to deteriorated substrates. It is extremely durable, low permeation lining that protects concrete against the harsh chemicals and abrasion found in wastewater immersion service.
Series 434 Perma-Shield’s chemistry provides superior resistance to hydrogen sulfide permeation as well as sulfuric acid. It is designed for critical wastewater applications such as grit chambers, wet wells, lift stations, primary clarifiers, concrete pipe and odor control systems.
A modified polymer hybrid, Series 435 Perma-Glaze is a high-performance coating formulated especially for wastewater immersion and fume environments. Used as a topcoat over Series 434, Perma-Glaze provides improved aesthetics and additional protection against abrasion and chemical degradation. It can also be used a stand-alone coating that is self-priming for some direct-to-metal applications in water and wastewater environments.
According to O’Dea, both Series 434 and 435 are user-friendly, easy to mix and apply, are VOC compliant, offer outstanding chemical resistance and have been tested in accordance with the ADTM tests for abrasion, adhesion, flexural strength, chemical and water vapor transmission.