Thames Water Awards MWH Soft Contract for State-of-the-Art Valve Criticality Modeling Tool

MWH Soft announced that Thames Water, the U.K.’s largest water utility, has awarded MWH Soft a substantial contract to develop a new Valve Criticality Assessment module for the company’s InfoWater Suite advanced geocentric software technology. The selection underscores the undisputed standing of InfoWater Suite, the first choice of major ENR design firms and progressive water utilities around the world, as the industry’s premier geoengineering tool for analyzing, operating, managing and securing hydraulic infrastructure systems.
The use of the MWH Soft InfoWater Suite is part of the utilities’ plan to rapidly develop optimal operational strategies that minimize costs while enhancing system reliability, integrity and performance, thereby forging closer ties with their customers. RWE Thames Water is part of the RWE Group, a leading global provider of energy, gas, water and recycling products and services that serves in excess of 70 million customers in 20 countries.
Valve criticality assessment identifies which valves most crucially affect the scale of impact of any potential system failures. Thames Water will use this comprehensive new module to automatically carry out a wide-ranging assessment of the resulting hydraulic impact of valve operations on customer service levels. This information will be used to improve knowledge to optimize future expenditure on maintaining the serviceability of key infrastructure assets. Pinpointing these valves requires an understanding of the risk (probability and consequence) posed should the valve fail to shut. Consequence is measured in terms of the numbers of properties (and customers) that would be disconnected or experience unacceptable levels of service (low pressure, loss of supply).
“The powerful capabilities of InfoWater Suite are already helping us achieve significant savings in both capital and operational expenditures and increased customer satisfaction with our extensive water distribution system supplying over 7 million people, including the city of London,” said Rob Casey, network analysis manager for Thames Water and a leading European figure in water distribution hydraulic modeling. “By enabling us to complete the criticality assessment of our tens of thousands of operating valves more accurately and in record time, this technology delivers significant business advantages, including a greater ability to maintain our infrastructure at optimum cost whilst delivering improved customer service.”
“Our industry-premier InfoWater software suite is enabling water utilities worldwide to move to higher levels of productivity and efficiency by managing and securing their infrastructures more effectively, improving overall operations, and quickly determining effective and economical design and rehabilitation solutions aimed at maximum reliability and performance,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, president and COO of MWH Soft. “We’re honored and proud to know our solutions are in place at many of the world’s largest and best-run utility companies, helping them meet their corporate and strategic goals and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough cost savings. We are particularly excited that RWE Thames Water has chosen MWH Soft to create the next generation of water distribution management technology.”

MWH Soft

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