Texas Community Uses Sodium Hypochlorite Generation to Treat Surface Water

The system is designed to produce chlorine gas or high-strength sodium hypochlorite

Electrolytic Technologies Corp. (ETC), manufacturer of the Klorigen On-site Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite Generators (OSG), announced that the Klorigen system selected by Missouri City, Texas, is nearing its final phase of installation at its Bees Passage Road potable water plant.

The Klorigen process is uniquely designed to produce chlorine gas at or below atmospheric pressure or high-strength sodium hypochlorite. The system selected by Missouri City will produce 1,200 lb per day of FAC as 1,200 gal of sodium hypochlorite at a concentration of 12.5%. 

In addition, the system will be designed for future expansion to 2,000 ppd per day, either as chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite.

Missouri City’s municipal surface water treatment plant will be rated for 10 million gal per day, and in addition to chlorination will include onsite solids handling and membrane filtration.

Prior to award and procurement, Missouri City’s consultants conducted a study to evaluate disinfection alternatives, including receiving bulk sodium hypochlorite in trade strength solution, onsite production of 0.8% and 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solutions, as well as some other technologies.

Due to the greater storage requirements and higher operating costs of other processes, the consultants recommended the procurement of the OSG offered by Electrolytic Technologies Corp.

"Missouri City's selection process was both extensive and thorough. ETC and their local representative WWaterTech Inc. are very pleased to be selected for this project," ETC’s President Derek Lubie said. "The city was seeking a highly reliable, intrinsically safe process that would be compatible with their current operations and capable of growing with their future expansion plans."

Electrolytic Technologies Corp.

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