Tetra Tech Awarded Long-Term Water Infrastructure Contract from the City of Lansing, Mich.

Tetra Tech has been selected to receive a nine-year engineering services contract from the City of Lansing, Michigan. Under the engineering contract, Tetra Tech will upgrade the stormwater management and sewer systems to improve water quality in the surrounding watershed. Work will begin immediately.

Tetra Tech will provide consulting services, infrastructure design and construction observation to build a new, watertight sanitary sewer system. The existing combined sewer system will be converted to function as the separated storm water sewer system. The project will aim to improve water quality in the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers, which flow through southern Michigan, by improving the quality of water discharged during rainstorms. The City of Lansing has funded the project through low-interest State Revolving Fund loans. The total project, including construction costs that Tetra Tech will only provide oversight on, has been estimated to cost $176 million in 1992 dollars.

Tetra Tech

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