Tetra Tech Awarded $32 Million in Federal Government Contracts

Tetra Tech, Inc., has been awarded contracts supporting the Corps of Engineers, the Department of the Navy and the Department of Energy, with a combined potential value of $32 million.

These contracts support the nation's Federal water infrastructure and provide engineering and technical services at Federal facilities.

Li-San Hwang, CEO of Tetra Tech, said, "We are pleased that Federal agencies continue to choose Tetra Tech over other firms when faced with complex technical problems. Our business environment for government work remains robust this year, and we are pleased at the rate that this new work is being contracted and authorized."

Mobile Corps of Engineers
This new contract, valued at up to $15 million over five years, provides a broad range of engineering and technical services to Federal facilities located primarily in the southeastern United States.

Department of the Navy, South Weymouth Naval Air Station
This new contract, valued at approximately $10 million over five years, supports the commercial redevelopment of this former military base with engineering and technical support focused on water-related infrastructure.

Department of Energy, Bechtel Jacobs LLC Management Contractor
This contract capacity addition adds $7 million and another one year to the original $20 million contract capacity that has been fully utilized and provides engineering services to government nuclear facilities located in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

Tetra Tech Inc.

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