Feb 06, 2009

Tetra Tech Acquires Wardrop Engineering

Wardrop is a Canadian firm specializing in resource management, energy and infrastructured design

Tetra Tech, Inc. announced that it has acquired Wardrop Engineering, Inc., a Canadian firm that specializes in resource management, energy, and infrastructure design.
Wardrop employs about 1,200 people at 13 offices in Canada and at offices in the United Kingdom and India, and it generated revenue of approximately $120 million in fiscal year 2008.
“Wardrop represents the next step in our strategy of low-risk international expansion, and provides a platform for additional international growth,” said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech’s chairman and CEO. “Wardrop adds to our team a complementary business culture, significant international presence, and a demonstrated track record of performance.” He added, “This combination has enhanced our collective natural resource management capabilities, and has effectively doubled our capabilities in nuclear energy and electrical transmission.”
Wardrop CEO Shayne Smith commented, “Tetra Tech is the partner that we’ve been looking for. Tetra Tech will provide broad opportunities for our people and help us to better serve our customers at every stage of the project lifecycle. With access to Tetra Tech’s construction management and self-performance capabilities, we can now provide full, turnkey solutions.” Smith added, “This transaction is the largest in our industry between U.S. and Canadian firms, and it underscores how North American firms can work together to create a global execution platform for high-end services.”