Jul 01, 2009

Terratec Environmental Receives Exemplary Biosolids Management Award

Nursery enhancement project used biosolids from wastewater recycling projects on nursery land

American Water recently announced that Terratec Environmental, Ltd., a subsidiary of American Water Enterprises, Inc., received a 2009 Exemplary Biosolids Management Award from the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO). The award was presented to Terratec in the category of Technology Innovation and Development Activities for its nursery enhancement project.

Working with the Regional Municipality of Durham, Terratec operates an exclusive nursery enhancement project with a large tree nursery operator, using biosolids from wastewater recycling projects on six sites of nursery lands that grow trees. The project, which received a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Environment, required Terratec to develop specialized equipment and use GPS data for precise application.

The benefits of this alternate reuse option include long-term sustainability by reducing commercial fertilizer use and non-renewable commodities like phosphorus, nitrogen and fossil fuels, as well as cost savings for the nursery, estimated at more than $140,000. The project also represents a green cycle of urban renewal, as the urban population is both responsible for the biosolid origins and a beneficiary of the reuse of it through the planting of trees at homes and parks serviced by the nursery.

“The first several years of this project have proven to be very successful, and we’re proud that WEAO has recognized our efforts with this award,” said Terratec President Phil Sidhwa. “This process is an excellent addition to the current nursery fertilizer and soil amendment regimes, and we hope to be able to use our expertise to benefit other non-food agriculture projects in the future.”

“It is important that we continue to find new ways to improve the management of biosolids within our communities in a sustainable manner. Working with innovative partners like Terratec helps everyone achieve this goal,” said John Presta, director of Environmental Services for The Regional Municipality of Durham.