Apr 19, 2007

Technology Identifies Cylinder Holes in LCP

PPIC invented and patented the RFEC/TC technology for identifying wire breaks in pre stressed concrete pipe (PCP) and with over 16 years of research and development and 10 years of commercial application, PPIC continues to make strides in non-destructive condition assessment.

PPIC has now discovered how to identify holes in the steel cylinder of LCP.

In LCP, the wires lie directly on the steel cylinder and any corrosion of the wires is also likely to evidence itself in corrosion of the steel cylinder. Indeed it may be possible that the steel cylinder corrodes and forms holes before the wires themselves break.

Through client verifications and experimental testing, PPIC has the experience of looking at and comparing signals from many different pipelines and comparing them to excavated and calibrated pipe.

PPIC is now able to identify holes in the cylinder. These cylinder perforations can be identified both when wire breaks are present and when there are no wire breaks. As with all condition assessment technologies, there may be limitations on the efficacy of the analysis.

For example adequate information about the pipe is needed, and calibrations may also be needed. To date only large holes have been identified.

This PPIC ability helps clients prioritize which pipes to excavate and repair, and allows clients with LCP to obtain effective and valuable condition assessment information about their pipelines.