DAF Rental Systems Provide Temporary Treatment for Industrial Wastewater

May 18, 2017
Units are skid-mounted for easy installation & removal

JWC Environmental offers FRC rental dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems as a temporary treatment solution for industrial wastewater systems. FRC rental DAF systems are answers for a wide range of operational situations where the existing wastewater systems impede ongoing operations. Typical situations include:

  • Emergency situations where discharge permit limits are being exceeded;
  • Bypassing existing DAF equipment for scheduled maintenance;
  • Bridging delays in construction of new or expanded plant wastewater systems;
  • Covering the delivery time of a new DAF system to replace a failed system; and
  • Short-term or temporary wastewater operations.

Rental FRC DAF systems are available skid-mounted for fast mobilization and movement on site. Care has been taken to allow the units to be utilized as standalone DAF systems or in tandem with other onsite equipment.

All FRC rental DAF systems are outfitted with everything need to operate the system, including:

  • A primary polycaprolactone or polyvalerolactone DAF unit;
  • A polymer makeup tank and mixer;
  • Chemical dosing pumps;
  • A flocculating system;
  • Feed pumps and sludge pumps;
  • An air compressor;
  • Electrical and Pneumatic control panels and sensors;
  • Influent and effluent hoses; and
  • A job box with tools, cables, spare parts and safety supplies.

Rental units are available in flow ranges from 20 to 2,000 gpm (4 to 454 cu m/hour) in dissolved air, nitrogen or gas configurations.

For all FRC rental DAF systems, the JWC Environmental technical experts work with the customer’s environmental team to evaluate the specific site needs. They will evaluate flow rates, influent conditions, effluent goals and unique site conditions. Additionally, JWC will provide an FRC DAF technician to assist the customer in onsite startup of the unit and training of the customer’s operations staff.