Pipe Can Be Manufactured in a Variety of Pressure Classes

April 29, 2016
Product is corrosion-resistant & can be applied in a number of applications

A glass filament delivery method utilized during the continuous-winding pipe manufacturing process allows additional strength to be introduced, making Flowtite fiberglass-reinforced pipe (FRP) available in a range of pressure classes—from 50 to 450 psi and even higher.

The continuous-winding method also delivers a product with a smooth bore for low-friction loss, which can reduce operating and maintenance costs. The pipe can be made in lengths from 10 to 40 ft and include flexible REKA couplings that reduce installation times and improve operational reliability.

Flowtite FRP offers the lightweight and corrosion-resistant characteristics that are the hallmark of non-ferrous pipe material. It is a cost-effective choice, both short-term and long-term. It has been successfully specified for a broad range of applications, including gravity sewer, storm water and penstock, force main, slip-lining, water transmission, microtunneling and pipe-jacking. 

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