MBR System Delivers Water Suitable for Reuse

March 31, 2016
System utilizes flat-plate membrane to maintain permeability & flux rates

Smith & Loveless Inc.’s pre-engineered Titan MBR delivers high-quality effluent that is suitable for water reuse for flows up to 3 mgd per tank. It combines the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of Smith & Loveless with the company’s robust flat-plate membranes. Submerged in the aeration section of the Titan MBR, the flat-plate membrane maintains high permeability and flux rates even at peak-day rates. Because the system employs air scouring to prevent fouling, it does not require back-pulsing or the associated equipment and chemical costs typical of other systems. The flat-plate membranes experience less wear and tear than hollow-fiber types and can easily be cleaned in place. Titan MBR systems come in standard and custom designs, and they offer smaller footprints than conventional systems. 

With more than 65 years of experience and installations in more than 75 countries, Smith & Loveless provides a complete range of scalable, packaged and containerized wastewater treatment systems to meet effluent requirements and other project goals. Utilizing a variety of aerobic and biological treatment processes, Smith & Loveless treatment systems are designed first and foremost to provide superior effluent quality, including the ability for water reuse.

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