Metering Pumps Aid in Critical Process Control

June 28, 2016
Upgraded products offer enhanced features & accurate dosing

The mRoy series metering pumps offer reliability in water treatment. With flow ranges from 0.20 gph (0.8 L/hr) to 87 gph (330 L/hr) in a simplex configuration, these pumps aid in critical process control. They are comprised of a set of technical and performance specifications that deliver accuracy and high reliability across a wide range of challenging environments and applications.

The mRoy pumps have been upgraded with features for enhanced safety, improved hydraulic efficiency and easier startup and maintenance, along with the same performance for accurate dosing of chemicals while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The pumps’ durable components and design are used in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide, with some pumps operating at design performance for 20 years or more. They also boast a three-year warranty, along with a hydraulically balanced diaphragm with a 96,000-hr design life.

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