Flygt N-Pumps Come to Dry Land Through Drypit Pump Installations

Feb. 15, 2016
Pumps continue to evolve with user input

With more than 60 years of experience, Flygt can ensure a high degree of predictability when handling unpredictable media—experience that is available to customers through exclusive system engineering software such as SECAD, which automates facility design and pump sizing.

Flygt asked hundreds of users of dry installed pumps what they like and do not like. The result was Flygt’s first concerted move onto dry land: a number of intelligent solutions that will make users’ lives easier whether treating sludge or transporting wastewater.

Benefits include:

  • Faster maintenance with inspection hatch and patented telescopic opening. Sometimes you want to access the impeller without having to dismantle the entire pump. For vertical installed pumps, Flygt developed an inlet elbow with a hatch giving easy access. For horizontal installed units, the patented telescopic opening gives you access to the pump suction end.
  • Easier installation with adaptable outlet direction. When installing new vertical pumps in existing stations and plants, the inlet and outlet already are fixed. However, Flygt’s newly designed flexible connection plate makes installation work much quicker and precise. In addition, each pump comes with full instructions for casting foundations.
  • Better working environment with better drainage. Flygt has added a drainage hole to ensure the pump housing is empty before you begin working on the pump—a simple fix that makes a big difference to the working day.
  • Safer handling with lifting equipment and service cart. Horizontal installed Flygt pumps can be equipped with a service cart that can be used for more than one pump. The cart lets you quickly and easily separate the drive unit from the pump housing, and the tried and tested lifting device ensures safe pump handling.
  • Simpler performance checks with connection for pressure gauge. Many customers have said they want to read the pressure on the suction side to ensure optimum operation. To make this possible, Flygt has added a connection for a pressure gauge.

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