Software Offers Windows File System Auditing, Reporting & Management

Jan. 8, 2016
Package allows users to constantly monitor system infrastructure
Visual Click Software provides continuous automated auditing of your Windows enterprise. You will be immediately aware of critical changes to your infrastructure, from both internal and external sources. Receive real-time alerts of changes and access to your sensitive files and folders when you use CPTRAX. All activity records include details of the originating TCP/IP address, computer name assigned and the username at the time of the event.

CPTRAX includes real-time alerting by e-mail for many activities, such as:

  • modification of permissions on designated “sensitive” data files and folders;
  • creation and modification of any designated file type, including when opened, deleted, renamed or moved;
  • accidental drag-and-drops; and
  • repetitive pattern/threshold alerts, such as excessive file deletes or ownership changes.

Separately, DSRAZOR provides complete reporting and management capabilities, including:

  • documentation of vital NTFS security data, including management-ready reports;
  • documentation and removal of unwanted NTFS security permissions;
  • finding folders and files with no owner (orphaned SID) plus manage;
  • finding files unused for the past 365 days plus manage;
  • finding directory trustees with privileges plus manage;
  • cleaning up your unused files;
  • reporting of effective file system permissions and how they were obtained; and
  • finding invalid SIDs that are trustees (can result in performance and security issues).

Contact Visual Click Software today to schedule a customized Web demonstration. Visual Click welcomes forwarding of this newsletter to those within your organization who are most interested in securing your Windows File System environment.

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