Cutters Combat Ragging and Plugging

Nov. 4, 2015
Devices offer cost savings through reduction in maintenance man-hours and downtime

Ragging and plugging are problems that plague municipalities across North America and Europe. While there is debate about how much wipe products; fats, oils and greases; fibrous paper; and plastic products each contribute to the problem, pumps plug more frequently.

Cornell addresses this issue with two cutter solutions: the Blade Cutter and the Waste Warrior. Both feature rotating and stationary cutters that cut up materials present in pump stations and activated sludge treatment, allowing the materials to pass more easily through the treatment process. Neither cutter changes the internal dimensions of the pump and, in most cases, both can be retrofitted to existing pump models.

Blade Cutters utilize a standard impeller with a rotating cutter/wear ring and an adjustable stationary cutter ring. The hardened cutters are designed to shred materials that cause clogs and ragging issues.

The Waste Warrior is an auger-style cutter that offers a more aggressive solution with scythe-like edges that sweep solids and stringy materials from the impeller eye toward the stationary cutter ring. It has proven itself to be an effective solution where heavier solids content is an issue.

Municipalities where the cutters have been installed have saved approximately $31,000 a year. The reduction in cost of man-hours and system downtime far outweigh the cost differential of the equipment. Both cutters feature two-year warranties from Cornell.

Click here to see the cutters in action at a southwest Washington pump station, where an 18-mgd station experienced severe ragging and shutdown three times a day until the Waste Warrior solved their problem.

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