Control Valves Provide Flow & Pressure Stability

Oct. 21, 2015
Electronic models offer precise control, monitoring & customization options

Water conservation and water loss are critical issues currently facing the industry. OCV’s hydraulically operated, diaphragm-actuated automatic control valves are designed to get the most out of resources without wasting a drop. Design advantages such as the rectangular-shaped, soft-seat seal that provides a drip-tight Class VI closure and the throttling seat retainer that creates flow and pressure stability are standard on all control valves, preventing water loss and system damaging surges.

Additionally, OCV’s ever-expanding electronic control valve line can offer even more precise control, monitoring and system customization. The electronic control valves eliminate issues relating to valve sizing, are extremely stable over wide flow ranges, allow for frequent set point changes and provide the option of automatic scheduling to adjust for flow at peak and off-peak times. The Series 22 electronic control valves offer digital solutions to control almost any process variable. For example, the Model 22F can monitor system flows and even send e-mails to alert users if a break or leak occurs in the system.

Similarly, the Well Commander Series provides electronic control of well and aquifer depths while controlling other process variables, such as output flow and discharge pressure. As an aftermarket accessory, the Model 140 water detection probe is an electronic device that can be installed in a pipe to detect a leak and then provide contact closure upon sensing a leak. The Model 140 checks for leaks every 500 milliseconds and communicates findings through SCADA systems, solenoids or other electronic sources.

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