Combination Air Valve Is Designed for Use with Grit, Solids & Grease

Aug. 18, 2015
Device can be utilized in a variety of flow conditions

The APCO ASU combination air valve from DeZURIK is a single-body combination valve that features a patented air release and air/vacuum mechanism that is specifically designed to deal with sewage or other media containing grit, solids and grease.

The design provides varied and predictable airflow over a wide range of air release conditions. A large diameter air/vacuum disc provides high-volume airflow for rapid venting during pipeline filling and allows high volumes of air to enter the pipeline during draining.

During normal pipeline flow conditions, the dual-range air release design prevents air buildup and resultant flow restrictions under changing conditions and through the full flow range.

The ASU valve is a universal design that allows application on a wide range of flow conditions with effective sealing and operation from 2 psi to 150 psi as standard. The ASU valve comes in a low-weight, low-profile package. The lightweight, compact design of the valve allows installation in piping systems with limited space and in vaults with low ceiling heights.

It is available in 1- to 4-in. sizes with all-stainless steel construction and meets the performance requirements of AWWA C512 standard. The ASU valve is backed by extensive field experience on tough applications and has demonstrated improved performance, reduced maintenance and lower cost for overall reliability on sewage and dirty service applications.

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