Online TOC Analyzer Provides Sensitive Measurement for a Range of Applications

Feb. 17, 2015
The unit's eco mode reduces waste by only using carrier gas & operating the sampling pump when needed

Shimadzu’s next-generation online total organic carbon (TOC) TOC-4200 analyzer uses the industry-standard 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method to support analyses from 5 mgC/L to 20,000 mgC/L full-scale. With a high-sensitivity kit, the TOC-4200 can measure samples with TOC concentrations from 0 to 1 mgC/L, such as underground water, public drinking water or recovered deionized water from semiconductor manufacturing.

Additional features include multiple pretreatment units to best match a sample’s characteristics; a multi-functional sample injector for a multipoint calibration curve from a single high standard; a carrier gas purification function; a high-salt sample combustion tube kit that increases the period between maintenance by a factor of 10; an on-board air purifier; and a touchscreen LCD.

The TOC-4200 offers an eco mode that reduces waste by only using carrier gas and operating the sampling pump when it is needed. It promotes ease of use with a web-based monitoring function that allows users to monitor data and status from any network-connected computer. In addition, a notification system alerts users when reagent or consumable replacement periods approach.

The TOC-4200 is ideal for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Continuous monitoring of plant/boiler water;
  • Simultaneous monitoring of treated tap water;
  • Monitoring changes in river water quality;
  • Management of treatment plant influent and effluent;
  • Total pollutant load control regulation applications; and
  • Monitoring TOC removal rate based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations

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