Rubber Seals Offer Watertight Protection

Jan. 28, 2015
The rubber seals are available in multiple profiles in a range of dimensions

Trim-Lok rubber seals are made from a custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber compound. The rubber seals are manufactured in a variety of shapes and profiles and are resistant to water absorption, ozone, sunlight aging, low temperature and compression set.

The rubber seals are available in multiple profiles in a range of dimensions, some with single- and dual-seal options, to fit precisely in applications. If a custom profile is needed, an experienced team of engineers is available to customize a part for the application.

Some of the most popular rubber seal profiles include:

  • D profiles;
  • P profiles;
  • Corner profiles;
  • Triangle profiles;
  • Flap seals;
  • Pedestal seals;
  • Lid seals;
  • Ribbed seals;
  • Solid round cord;
  • Solid rectangle cord; and
  • Tubing.

Cord and tubing can be manufactured into O-rings in any length with a “no-flash” joint that will comply to high tolerance requirements.

Rubber seal profiles are available with an optional pressure sensitive adhesive tape backing with peel off liner to ensure the seal will stay in place. The recommended temperature range for general application is -20°F through 150°F with a recommended maximum compression of 25% to 50% for optimum performance. Trim-Lok can assist customers in selecting right seal in the correct dimensions for their application.

Rubber Seals are available with Trim-Lok’s value-add operations including:

  • Mitered corners;
  • Frame assemblies;
  • Continuous or cut to length;
  • Plastic welding;
  • Hot and cold bonded corners;
  • Decorative Mylar;
  • Slip coating;
  • Notching; and 
  • Inline drilling and punching

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