Grinding, Separating Technology Prevents Pump Clogs

Jan. 15, 2015
The technology prevents materials from forming long strips & reweaving in the waste stream

The patent-pending improvements to JWC Environmental’s Muffin Monster family of grinders and Monster Separation Systems fine screens capture wipes, cut them to a size that will not clog pumps and remove them from the waste stream.

Improved cutting is achieved through wipes-ready cutters, as well as tailoring the speed of cutter rotation with optimized cut control. These improvements achieve the desired 2-D cutting capabilities to control both the width and length of output, preventing materials from forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream.

The new Delta-P side rails and perforated drums to the Muffin Monster and Channel Monster family of grinders ensure the capture of all items in the waste stream, including wipes, and drive debris into the cutter stack. These technologies prevent the bypass of full wipes or build-up on the grinders while maintaining the required high flow rate.

Finally, the StapleGuard UHMW panels and brushless cleaning system are being introduced on the Finescreen Monster to remove wipes at the headworks. The advancements in fine-screening technology means high capture efficiency with little carryover, as well as more effective perforated panel cleaning without the use of a high maintenance brush system.

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