Peristaltic Metering Injector Pumps Handle Harsh Chemicals

Dec. 9, 2014
The peristaltic metering injector pumps are offered in three models with a range of feed rates & capabilities

Peristaltic metering injector pumps are well suited to metering chemicals that can foul pump heads with conventional check valves. Peristaltic pumps have rollers that compress the tube in a progressive squeezing action. The gentle squeezing action of the valveless peristaltic pump head design results in near continuous injection of chemical.

The Proseries-M metering pumps are particularly well suited to pumping a range of aggressive and viscous chemicals, as are typically used in water and wastewater treatment. The operator need only change the pump tube assembly to the appropriate material for the chemical that is being injected. This permits standardization to a single pump model for several different chemical applications.

The smooth, quiet and low velocity injection system eliminates the destructive forces that solenoid type diaphragm pumps can have on piping systems. There is no need for pulsation dampeners and expensive piping systems.

Proseries-M peristaltic metering pumps are currently offered in three models, providing a range of feed rates and capabilities; M-2 has feed capability of .007 to 15 gph (0.03 to 57 lph) with turndown ration of 200:1; M-3 has feed capability of 0.0002 to 33 gph (0.0007 to 126 lph) with turndown ration of 10,000:1; and M-4 has feed capability of 0.0028 to 158.5 gph (0.01 to 600 lph) with turndown ration of 10,000:1.

Additional features of Proseries-M pumps include: multiple signal inputs and outputs (4-20mA, etc.); exclusive patented features such as the built-in tube failure detection system and pump safety switch; pressures to 125 psi / 8.6 Bar; DC motor; a revolution count display and alarm; and a five-year comprehensive warranty.

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