Adaptive Washer Compactors Self-Adjust Pressure Level

Dec. 1, 2014
The housing maintains pressure when debris volumes are low & mechanically adapts the level of pressure when volumes increase

Changes in volume and debris have always plagued washer compactors because no plant is able to predict the volume or types of debris at the influent. Fixed-volume washer compactors struggle to perform under conditions that vary widely. To solve this problem, Duperon provides a line of adaptive washer compactors that incorporate a self-adjusting compaction housing. This housing maintains pressure when debris volumes are low, and mechanically adapts the level of pressure when volumes increase.

The Duperon washer compactor features a positive displacement, dual-auger system. Single-auger designs can be stopped by large or clinging debris due to the adhesive nature and friction properties of most wastewater debris. Single-auger designs can pack this material until it simply rotates with the auger, rather than moving it forward to discharge debris and grease. The dual-auger design of the Duperon washer compactor interrupts the single-direction rotation of debris, which could adhere in a single-user design. The Duperon non-batching process continuously cleans and compacts screenings, accepting even non-standard wastewater debris such as rocks, clothing, concrete and metal up to 4 in.

The Duperon washer compactor provides up to 84% volume reduction and up to 60% dry solids, reducing landfill costs while decreasing the problems associated with the variability of debris.

Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Mich.

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