Micro Carbon Complex Addresses Odor, Sludge Issues

Nov. 3, 2014
The technology reduces the lagoon sludge blanket without the need for draining, drying, dredging, handling or hauling

Bio Energizer from Probiotic Solutions is a specialized micro carbon complex that is used in municipal and industrial systems to reduce sludge, odor, biological and chemical oxygen demand, fat, oils, grease and other operational costs in wastewater treatment plants and lagoons. At less than 1/10 the typical cost of dredging, handling and hauling, and less than 1/100 the cost of building a new treatment plant, Bio Energizer can help operators save thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Bio Energizer bio-chemically oxidizes sludge in wastewater lagoons while remaining online and continuing to work. The product reduces the lagoon sludge blanket without the need for draining, drying, dredging, handling or hauling. This can reduce the hassle, headaches and costs that come from dredging lagoons.

When used in activated sludge plants, Bio Energizer increases volatile solids destruction and improves decant volume and settleability for greater digester and reactor capacity, giving operators more capacity to waste solids. This is especially important during the winter months when land-applying sludge is not an option.

Bio Energizer and all Probiotic Solutions products use the proprietary Micro Carbon Technology (MCT) as their base ingredient. MCT serves as a nanomolecular sized carrier of critical nutrients for the microbial population in the wastewater. MCT delivers these critical/limiting nutrients directly to the microorganism for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater to increase the treatment efficiency of wastewater treatment plants. The increased treatment efficiency leads to reduced biosolids, improved settleability, lower turbidity and increased dissolved oxygen levels. That all translates to significant cost-savings in a number of operational areas.

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