Testing Instrument Detects Electric Motor Faults at Earliest Stages

Sept. 5, 2014
The unit performs a comprehensive assessment of a motor’s health for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance & quality control

All-Test Pro LLC's new portable electric motor circuit analysis instrument, the All-Test Pro 5 (AT5), performs a comprehensive assessment of a motor’s health for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and quality control of in-service, stored and incoming motors. This handheld, lightweight (1.5 lb) instrument performs de-energized static and dynamic testing to detect faults at their earliest stages—including deteriorated or contaminated insulation—and trends potential winding faults in AC and DC motors, transformers (distribution and transmission), generators, alternators and more.

On-screen, menu-driven prompts guide users through the testing process—no manual is needed and no training is required. A complete picture of the entire motor circuit is displayed within minutes, including resistance, inductance, impedance, capacitance, phase angle and more. This rapid evaluation of the stator, rotor, connections, contamination and ground faults enables the user to determine the motor’s viability on the spot. Good/Warning/Bad indicators and an included quick reference guide assist with more detailed assessments.

Tests can be performed directly at motor terminals or, in the case of hard-to-reach motors (such as those on submersible pumps), from distances greater than 1,000 ft.

The AT5’s internal memory stores up to 500 tests for immediate comparison to previous tests. Included software provides expert diagnostics, trending and a variety of printed or on-screen reports. Users can easily upload test results to a computer for storage and further analysis. Moreover, motor test routes can be created and downloaded to the instrument.

The All-Test Pro 5 comes standard with: three test leads with heavy duty Kelvin clips and push-pull connectors; one test lead with 4mm safety plug and MC dolphin clip; charging adapter; MCA Basic software; hard-sided case with custom storage liner; and a user manual on CD. Optional accessories include smaller Kelvin clips, MCA Pro software, a training demo motor and a soft carrying pouch.

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