Chemicals Aid Membrane Operation, Maintenance

March 5, 2014
The membrane chemicals are compatible with reverse osmosis, nanofiltration & ultrafiltration membranes

AXEON Water Technologies features a range of membrane chemicals formulated to treat a variety of feed water conditions for commercial and industrial applications. AXEON antiscalants, antifoulants, cleaners and membrane preservatives are used to aid the continued operation and maintenance of membranes. AXEON membrane chemicals are compatible with all brands and types of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes and provide antiscaling and antifouling capabilities while being certified under ANSI/NSF standard 60 for drinking water production.

AXEON antiscalants are beneficial for any reverse osmosis system, as this pretreatment chemical can reduce the amount of calcium carbonate build up that normally collects on the surface of the membrane material. It is also affective against calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate, iron, silica and aluminum, barium and strontium sulfate that can cause scaling build up in the membranes and reduce production flow within the system. AXEON antiscalants inhibit the buildup of scale within the membrane by bonding with contaminants and preventing crystallization on the membrane surface.

AXEON’s specially formulated antifoulants are designed to reduce the amount of bacteria and fouling within the membranes, for easier cleaning, maintenance and longer life. The antifoulants can be used as a pretreatment option to control membrane fouling and biofouling in the reverse osmosis system.

AXEON membrane cleaners are ideal for prolonging the life of membranes and obtaining a higher level of performance from the elements. Without proper membrane maintenance, some of the problems that may occur include a lower permeate flow, higher salt passage and a differential pressure increase. Over time, membrane fouling can lead to difficulty when cleaning and even permanent membrane damage. AXEON membrane cleaners are formulated to counteract a variety of foulants and can save you money on replacement membranes.

AXEON also carries membrane preservatives to prolong and protect the life of a membrane or system. These preservatives and storage chemicals are ideal for preventing microbiological growth and freezing within membrane elements and systems during storage. These non-hazardous, environmentally safe membrane chemicals are compatible with all membrane types and rinse away easily.

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