Strainer, Valve Offer Extended Service Lives

Nov. 27, 2013
Cast-in shock bumpers reduce wear & tear on internal valve components

With its large body, sizeable straining element and straight flow path, the BS 85-CS/SS has the ability to store large quantities of debris without affecting pressure loss, thus maximizing time between service. Numerous straining element options are offered, including a variety of perforations, meshes and materials. Special designs such as magnetic, wedge wire, drilled perforations and pleated straining elements are also available.

In addition, the bottom drain can be fitted with a Titan FCI ball valve utilizing a modified straining element, allowing for automatic cleaning or flushing while keeping the pipeline in service.

The BS85 basket strainer has a high quality design that boasts many features, including:

  • • Inlet/outlet bosses with gauge taps (6 in. and up);
  • • Spot-faced flange bolt holes;
  • • Plugged bottom drains and cover vents;
  • • Cast-in support legs (6 in. and up);
  • • Epoxy painted carbon bodies;
  • • Encapsulated cover gaskets; and
  • • Optional quick-opening cover design.

The CV42 is a quality valve designed for long service life. It has a retainerless body design, which eliminates potential leak paths to the environment so there are no body emissions. The fully automatic spring-loaded discs are designed with very low cracking pressure, which reduces the amount of energy required to open the valve.

The split disc design creates a positive shutoff prior to flow reversal, which helps keep slamming, surges and water hammer to a minimum. To extend service life, the discs are designed to move linearly before pivoting to avoid the disc heal from scrubbing the sealing surface.

Additionally, the discs are equipped with cast-in shock bumpers that help reduce wear and tear on internal components. The CV42 meets or exceeds API 598 test requirements and resilient seats are available to ensure a bubble tight seal.

This low weight and short laying double disc check valve is now available in both lug and wafer styles. Lug styles, threaded on both sides of the body, can be used as a block valve for any pipeline. The contour of the body provides a short and straight flow path that generates very little turbulence and creates minimal headloss.

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